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Several methods of analyzing common circuits
Posted: 09:31 AM April 03, 2018 Updated: 09:31 AM April 03, 2018

1. AC equivalent circuit analysis method First draw the AC equivalent circuit, and then analyze the AC state of the circuit, that is: when the circuit has a signal input, whether the voltage and current in each circuit of the circuit changes according to the law of the input signal, is amplification, Oscillation, or limiting Clipping, shaping, Kam equal.

2. DC equivalent circuit analysis method Draw a DC equivalent circuit diagram, analyze the DC system parameters of the circuit, find out the static operating point and bias properties of the transistor, and the inter-stage coupling method. Analyze the status of components and their role in the circuit. For example: the transistor's operating state, such as saturation, amplification, cut-off area, the diode is turned on or off.

3. The frequency characteristic analysis mainly depends on whether the frequency of the circuit itself is compatible with the frequency spectrum of the signal it processes. A rough estimate of its center frequency, upper and lower frequency and bandwidth, etc., for example: various filters, notches, resonances, frequency selection and other circuits.

4. The time constant analysis method mainly analyzes the circuit and properties composed of R, L, C, and diodes. The time constant is a parameter that reflects the energy accumulation and the speed of energy consumption on the energy storage element. If the time constant is different, although its form and connection are similar, the role played is still different. Commonly there are coupling circuits, differential circuits, integrating circuits, decoupling circuits, and peak detection circuits.

Finally, comparing the actual circuit with the basic principle, according to the role of the component in the circuit, step by step analysis according to the above method, it is not difficult to read. Of course, it is necessary to perseverely learn to truly integrate the system, and it will be easy to analyze the circuit diagram after a certain theory.

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