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Routing skills to suppress PCB crosstalk design
Posted: 10:49 AM April 10, 2018 Updated: 10:49 AM April 10, 2018

The pcb circuit board should pull the distance between the line and the line as much as possible, and the signal line should not intersect with the ground line and the power line as much as possible. Placing a grounded trace between signal lines that are sensitive to interference can effectively suppress crosstalk. Employing the correct cabling strategy to use equal traces can reduce wire inductance, but the mutual inductance and distributed capacitance between the wires increases. If the layout allows, it is better to use a grid structure with a grid pattern. The specific approach is to laterally route the printed board. The other side is routed vertically and then connected with metallized holes at the cross holes. Choosing a Reasonable Width Because the impact of transient currents on the printed circuit board traces is mainly caused by the inductance of the printed conductors, the inductance of the printed conductors should be minimized.

The program for pcb circuit board prototype:

1. When the stack is stacked, the height between the signal layer and the ground is reduced under the condition that the impedance is satisfied;

2. If two signal layers are adjacent, the wires are routed in orthogonal directions to reduce the coupling between the layers.

3. The key high-speed signals designed to differential line pairs, such as high-speed system clock; 4. If the wiring space allows, increase the distance between the line and the line and so on.

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