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PCB shape and size design method
Posted: 06:53 PM March 29, 2018 Updated: 06:53 PM March 29, 2018

1.PCB profile

(1) When the PCB is positioned on the mounting table and the PCB is transferred through the table, there is no special requirement for the appearance of the PCB.

(2) When the PCB is directly transported using rails, the PCB must be straight. If it is a special-shaped PCB, the process must be designed so that the outside of the PCB forms a straight line.

2.PCB size

The PCB size is determined by the mounting area. Consider the maximum and minimum mounting dimensions in the x and y directions of the mounter, and the maximum and minimum PCB thicknesses when designing the PCB.

When the PCB size is smaller than the minimum mounting size, the panel must be used. The panels can increase production efficiency. When double-sided full-surface assembly is performed, the double-numbered puzzles can be used, and the front and back surfaces are the same in both sides. This design can use the same template to save production preparation time, improve production efficiency and equipment utilization.

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