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PCB review principles in the process of layout
Posted: 06:34 PM March 05, 2018 Updated: 06:34 PM March 05, 2018

1. Whether the system layout to ensure that the wiring is reasonable or optimal, whether to ensure the reliability of wiring, whether to ensure the reliability of circuit work. In the layout of the need for the direction of the signal and the power and ground networks have a holistic understanding and planning.

2. Printed circuit board size is consistent with the size of the drawings, PCB manufacturing process can meet the requirements, with or without behavior mark. This requires special attention, many PCB layout and layout of the circuit are designed to be very beautiful and reasonable, but ignored the precise positioning of the positioning connector, resulting in the design of the circuit can not be docked with other circuits.

3. Components in two-dimensional, three-dimensional space with or without conflict. Note the actual size of the device, especially the height of the device. In welding the layout of the components, the height can not exceed 3mm.

4. Whether the layout of components is densely arranged, neatly arranged, whether all cloth ends. When the layout of components, not only to consider the signal direction and the type of signal, you need to pay attention to or protect the place, but also to consider the overall layout of the device density, density and density.

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