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NextPCB real-time updates of order production(resume production on 17th.2020)
Posted: 12:32 AM February 11, 2020 Updated: 12:32 AM February 11, 2020

Dear Customers,

Glad to tell you that our factory starts production now ( from February 17th .2020). But for the safety of our employees and for better control of the virus, the factory will start production step by step, so that order production will be delayed a few days. All online services on our website, such as online quotes, files review are available as usual. You could also contact your sales assistance or for more information.


International logistics is available now. NextPCB suggests you choose DHL other than post email to avoid a longer delay.

#The facts you may not know about the 2019nCoV?

1. The virus could not survive long outside of the human body, so it's safe to receive packages.

2. From World Health Organization(WHO)'s official statement. Moreover, we have already enforced strict anti-epidemic measures according to the government policy, such as full-range disinfection every day, staff temperature measurement three times a day, must wear a mask during work, etc. We promise you NextPCB will create a working environment that is infection-free for staff and ensure the safety of products.

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) advice for the public, from WHO.

Best regards,

NextPCB Team

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