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Cadence allegro and Altium and other software comparison
Posted: 04:15 PM March 27, 2018 Updated: 04:15 PM March 27, 2018

PCB Layout software

1. Protel

Easy to learn, suitable for beginners, easy to use; take up more system resources, higher computer configuration requirements.


PADS software is also used by many people, easy to use, suitable for low-end design, its own no simulation, high-speed board to be combined with other special simulation tools, such as hyperlynx.

3. Cadence allegro

The actual industry standard in high-speed board design. Super cool. Have their own simulation tools, signal integrity simulation, power integrity simulation can do.

4. Mentor

The WG is a little inferior to CADENCE, but it is also a top-level tool for high-end circuit design and also has its own simulation tools.

If you rarely do high-speed board, it is recommended to use pads, after all, it is relatively easy to learn. If you often do high-speed board, it is recommended to choose Cadence.

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