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9 Highlights of NextPCB’s Fantastic 2019
Posted: 02:47 PM January 13, 2020 Updated: 02:47 PM January 13, 2020

How time flies! Now we are officially in 2020 and embracing a whole new amazing year. At the beginning of 2020, let's count down 9 highlights of NextPCB in 2019. And if you have any precious moments with NextPCB, please feel free to leave it in the comment. NextPCB will share your memory with worldwide electronic engineers immediately on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter!

1. is online!

With 15 years of experience in the domestic market of PCB and PCB Assembly, now NextPCB can bring these high-quality PCB products and PCB Assembly projects to overseas customers.     

nextpcb online.png

2. Special deals for PCB and PCB Assembly

In order to let all the electronic engineers use the high-quality PCB and PCB assembly service, we launched the special deals for the orders of PCB and PCB Assembly, which is still available for the New Year.

Special deals for PCB and PCB Assembly.png

3. Become the main sponsor for KiCad

As a real PCB manufacturer in china, NextPCB supports the PCB designers to make their dreams come true by sponsoring the free PCB design software - Kicad!

Become the main sponsor for KiCad.png

4. NextPCB Coupons are available for the PCB and PCB Assembly order

When you are ready to pay your PCB or PCB Assembly order online, You could get cheaper PCBs or PCB Assembly services by using the available coupons on your account. For your information, the first coupon you could get is a $5 coupon for new users, and NextPCB will offer more free coupons through different activities on, just follow @nextpcb on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, so you won't miss any special offer.

NextPCB Coupons are available for the PCB and PCB Assembly order.png

Attention: You could check the coupons on My Coupon in My NextPCB.

5. NextPCB points are available for the PCB and PCB Assembly order

After you place an order of PCB and PCB Assembly on, every 20 bucks you paid will become 1 point and be stored in My Points. The points are just like your deposit on NextPCB and it can be used to purchase PCB and PCB Assembly service directly in the next order (1 Point=$2). What's more, you could also earn points in the activities held on In 2020, NextPCB will launch more activities to let you enjoy more special deals.

NextPCB points are available for the PCB and PCB Assembly order.png

6. 2000+ customers from 100+countries now are using PCB and PCB Assembly services after only three months of launching

7. NextPCB has established cooperation with 50+ worldwide influencers

2000+ customers from 100+countries.png

8. From zero to 19 employees, NextPCB team is bigger and stronger

With the development of NextPCB, we built up a 19-employee team that is professional for PCB sales and PCB marketing. NextPCB also owns three big factories that specialized in PCB prototype, PCB mass production, PCB Assembly.

From zero to 19 employees.png

2019.9.26 NextPCB PARTY

NextPCB Party.png

2019.12.26 NextPCB PARTY

9. Biggest Surprise on Christmas and the coming New Year.

At the end of 2019, NextPCB prepared lots of special offers to express gratitude for the support and loyalty of customers.

Christmas activity.png

NextPCB thanks a lot to your love of 2019. Let’s continue the adventure in this new year and achieve mutual success! Wishing you all an amazing 2020! 

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