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The sale price for 4-layer PCB!!!!
Posted: 11:48 AM December 13, 2019 Updated: 11:48 AM December 13, 2019

Once in a lifetime! Only $28 to get high-quality 4-layer PCBs!

Hey guys, Good news: A Big Sale on NextPCB, Only $28, you could own 10pcs of 4-layer PCB. 

only $28 for 4-layer PCB.png

Even though with this kind of price, the PCB quality will still be your last thing to worry about. The PCB material of NextPCB is certified by UL, ISO9001, ISO4001, and IATF19649 and NextPCB promise 2-4 days as a quick turn time. Only $28 for 4-layer PCB, this cheap price you will never find among high-quality PCB manufacturers.

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