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7 Files Need to be Included in Gerber file
Posted: 05:32 PM July 11, 2019 Updated: 07:59 PM October 12, 2019

Anytime you transmit Gerber file to NextPCB fab house,The Gerber file should have 7 files below:

Top Copper (GTL)

Top Soldermask (GTS)

Top Silkscreen (GTO)

Bottom Copper (GBL)

Bottom Soldermask (GBS)

Bottom Silkscreen (GBO)

Drill File (2:4 leading - remember this)

What is this GTL, GTS? These are the file extensions that the CAM processor will produce. A silkscreen is also called an 'overlay' (hence, GTO). And for your reference, a soldermask is also called a solder 'stop layer' because the soldermask prevents solder from being where it is not wanted.

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  • Jan 29,2020 09:07

    It would help if SOMEWHERE on your website you stated which versions of Gerber you can process. In particular, X2?

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