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PCB design tips 100, teach you to master PCB design easily (31-35)
Posted: 02:54 PM June 19, 2018 Updated: 02:54 PM June 19, 2018

In the current PCB design software, thermal analysis is not strong, so it is not recommended, other functions 1.3.4 can choose PADS or Cadence performance price ratio is good. The beginner of PLD design can use the integrated environment provided by PLD chip manufacturers, and single point tools can be used when designing millions of doors.

32. Please recommend a EDA software suitable for high-speed signal processing and transmission.

Conventional circuit design, INNOVEDA's PADS is very good, and has matching simulation software, and this kind of design often occupies 70% of the application. In high speed circuit design, analog and digital hybrid circuits, the Cadence solution should belong to the software with better performance and price, and of course the performance of Mentor is very good, especially its design process management should be the best. (Wang Sheng, Datang Telecom Technical Expert)

33. Interpretation of the meaning of each layer of PCB board

Topoverlay - the top layer device name, also called top silkscreen or top component legend, such as R1 C5, IC10.bottomoverlay---- homogeneous multilayer-----, if you design a 4 layer plate, you place a free pad, then it will automatically appear on the 4 layers, if you are only fixed. If it is top layer, its pad will only appear on the top level.

34. What are the key points to be paid attention to in the design of high frequency 2G PCB, line layout and typesetting?

High frequency PCB above 2G belongs to RF circuit design, not in the discussion of high speed digital circuit design. The layout of radio frequency circuits (layout) and wiring (routing) should be considered together with schematic diagram, because layout and wiring will cause distribution effect. Furthermore, some passive devices designed for RF circuits are defined by parameterized and special shaped copper foil. Therefore, the EDA tool is required to provide a parameterized device to edit the special shape copper foil. Mentor company's boardstation has a special RF design module to meet these requirements. Moreover, general RF design requires special RF circuit analysis tools. The most famous industry is Agilent's eesoft, which has a good interface with Mentor tools.

35. What rules should be followed in the design of high frequency PCB for 2G or above?

The design of RF microstrip lines requires the use of 3D field analysis tools to extract transmission line parameters. All rules should be specified in this field extraction tool.

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