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Light painting operation--photographing system

writer: G May 23, 2019

Under the premise of making a backup, pay attention to the following points when using the software:

1. During the use of the light painting software, pay attention to the orderly storage of the light painting files. It is best not to place the non-program files such as Gerber files, raster files, temporary files, etc. in the software installation directory, so as to avoid deleting the program files by mistake. Destroy the operation of the software.

2. The software can run on the DOS operating system or in the DOS window mode of WINDWOS'9X. When reading a file, you should enter the full path and file name. Once the setting parameters of the software are set, do not change them easily, so as not to affect the accuracy of the raster file and the accuracy of the drawn film.

3. Before performing the typesetting operation of the file, the mouse driver should be loaded to use the mouse to perform the typesetting operation. When there are too few typographic layers and not enough to fill the entire film, you can save the processed files first, in order to prepare the next tune with other files. When compiling and saving, try to choose in the DOS window mode of WINDWOS'9X, so as to avoid the crash caused by the lack of DOS memory management in the DOS environment. Try to follow the order of first left and right, first up and down, and it is convenient to cut the film on the film when you are dissatisfied with the whole film.

4. The completion of rasterization should be done in DOS environment, making full use of the single task process of DOS, and avoiding the choice in WINDWOS'9X DOS window mode.

5. The partition of the storage raster file should ensure the largest possible free space on the hard disk, and often use the disk defragmentation program to organize the hard disk to reduce the generation of file fragments. After the rasterization is completed, it should be repeatedly previewed several times to ensure that the raster file is not broken, no gaps, etc., and then output.

6. Enter the Gerber file processing before the light painting system, fully utilize the light painting assistant software to process the extra elements and reduce the amount of file data. The parts that need to be filled are filled with horizontal horizontal software as much as possible for complex elements (such as arcs, custom pads, etc.), which should be carefully modified and edited in the light painting assistant software. Through the above steps, the error rate of the raster file can be reduced, and the time required for rasterization is greatly reduced.

7. The old version of the light painting software V2.0---V2.8, only supports English (English), leading zero (Leading), integer decimal places (2, 3), absolute coordinates (Absolute) The Gerber format of the data structure is usually based on the V2001 extended Gerber (Extend Gerber) format (usually used when the amount of data is large) and the MDA (MDA Auto plot) format (usually used when the amount of data is small). The new version of the light painting software does not have this problem.

8. The software installation adopts encryption means, so do not easily change the hardware device of the host computer to avoid the software verification error and cannot run. Please save the software installation disk to restore it when the software is damaged.

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