How to Place Order At NextPCB?
Posted: 06:50 PM November 22, 2019 Updated: 05:21 PM November 28, 2019

      Hey guys in this article we are going to see 

      how to order Printed Circuit Boards for your projects in the simplest way.

      Design of PCB

      · First, you design your circuit on your own. 

      · And design the circuit in any PCB design software you like.

      · Then convert your schematic circuit diagram into PCB in that software

      · Then shrink the size of the board (depends on your thinking)

       PCB design.jpg             

     · If your software has that option to generate Gerber file 

      means just click that button to generate the Gerber file.


      · If not having the option to generate Gerber file means don’t worry 

        you just have to generate these files on your own. 

        And then save the folder having these files as a ZIP file.

      Ordering process

       · Sign up for free $5 coupon or  Login the website

         if you already have an account. (note: 0$ for first trial PCB prototype order) 


· Click on the PCB Instant Quote

           instant quote.jpg             

· Then fill the dimensions of PCB board that you want and quantity of boards


     · Then click the Calculate button on the right.

        It will show you how much it will cost to make your PCB and several details.

           PCB caculate.png

   · Now you have to fill your country, delivery option and also 

        the mail address for communication about your PCB board.

  · Then click the ADD TO CART button

           PCB button.png             

  · Then you can see the option to add a PCB file. In that option, 

     you can drag your Gerber file (RS-274-X),.PCBDOC, .PCB or Eagle file to that option and upload a zip file
     (this file is the file that we saved as a zip in the previous session).

           upload gerber files.png   

   · Then make the payment with Paypal, Western Union or Bank transfer and that's it, 

      you have ordered PCB board for your project.
      Make sure you entered the correct billing address.


   · Finally the PCB boards will be manufactured within 24 hours 

     and you will have your PCB boards at your doorstep within a few days.

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PCB Instant Quote

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