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Successful registration to get $100 coupons

The coupon can only be used to deduct the amount of the product in the order, and does not include shipping fee;

Users who have successfully registered can enjoy the first order of $0 PCB pototype, the conditions are limited to:
Material: FR-4, Layers: 1-4 layers, Quantity: 5/10pcs;
Size: less than 100*100mm, more than 30*30mm;Other parameters: default general parameters, special processes are not involved;

Daily experience 1 PCB prototype order’s condition:
You can daily experience a $2 for 1/2-layer PCB order and a $6 for 4-layer PCB order;
Material: FR-4, number of layers: 1-4 layer, quantity: 5/10pcs.
Size: less than 100*100mm, more than 30*30mm; Other parameters: default regular parameters, special processes are not involved.

The same Gerber file cannot be submitted twice by the same account or by different accounts within the same cycle. The above offers are for different orders with different delivery addresses, Email, Phone and IP, if the same, the first order shall prevail.

The validity period of the first $0 order: Complete the payment of the order within 90 days after successful registration.

NextPCB reserves the right of final interpretation of the above contents, if you have any questions, please contact

Why NextPCB

Scale advantage

● Not a broker

● 1 PCB Prototype Factory

● 1 PCB Mass Production Factory

● 2 SMT Factory

High Reliability

● Advanced high-precision equipments

● IATF16949/ISO 9001/ISO 14001/UL/RoHS/REACH

● Superior-quality raw materials

● 100% Quality Assurance

Fast delivery

● As Fast As 24 hours turnaround

● On-time delivery rate of prototype reached 99.59%

● Provide Expedited service


● PCB can undertake 1-32 layers

● HDI Rank 3

● SMT daily production capacity exceeds 95 million points

● 27 SMT Lines

About NextPCB

NextPCB is a real PCB assembly manufacturer with Four factories and its own inventory of components.

In order to ensure quality, NextPCB uses the most advanced equipment, such as Taiwan Dongtai Drilling Machine, Japan MEIKI Vacuum Hot Press Machine, Taiwan Haking Plating Line, Cosmic Horizontal Line, High-end LDI Laser Exposure Machine, Digital Print Character Printer, German Imported Flying Probe Tester, Siemens Placement Machine, Sunsense X-ray Inspection, Ming Rui AOI Tester, Jinto 10 Temperature Zone Reflow Soldering and so on; we have the most professional technicians with over 10 years of experience.

  • PCB Prototype Factory
  • PCB Mass Production Factory
  • 2 SMT Factories

PCB Production Equipment

  • Drilling

    • Imported high precision drilling machine, good stability

    • Automatic detection of tool diameter and tool change, eliminating distorted drilling and leakage of holes

    • Minimum hole diameter 0.15MM

  • Pattern plating

    • Taiwan High-end Brand

    • Copper plating is more uniform and stable

    • 90 minutes of ultra-long electroplating, copper thickness far exceeds industry standards

  • Exposure Machine

    • Direct laser imaging, faster

    • No film alignment error, more accurate

    • More precise lines, minimum line width and line spacing 3/3MIL

  • Etching coppe

    • High membrane residue removal rate, reducing the risk of defects

    • High vacuum etching uniformity, reduce side etching, high quality

    • It can produce ultra-precision wires with minimum line width and line spacing of 3/3MIL

  • Profile/V-cut

    • Dual table independent operation mode

    • Flexible operation, double molding speed

    • Precision of gong plate ±0.1mm

  • Electric test

    • 100% test before shipment to prevent open short circuit

    • High speed flying probe tester, accurate and fast

    • Ensure that every piece delivered to the customer is of good quality

PCB Specifications

FAQs About PCB

If you need a custom PCBA, our experienced team is happy to work with you

  • How does NextPCB control the quality?

    You will ultimately get our high-quality product which is produced by using advanced imported equipment, and 100% AOI checking, E-test and inspect test to ensure that all aspects of production meet strict standards.

  • What's your lead time?

    We provide 24-hour prototype service, for batch orders, this depends on your actual order size and the number of PCB layers (we support 1-32 layers), and we provide additional expedited services, which can be consulted by our professional engineering customer service.

  • What kind of file format can you accept?

    We generally accept the following file formats: .pcb / .pcbdoc / .cam / .brd and Gerber files, if you have other file formats, you can convert them to a production-compliant file format by following the method we provide:

  • How to order on NextPCB?

    We offer a secure and convenient online ordering platform, if you are placing an order on our NextPCB website for the first time, you can follow this tutorial to complete your order.

  • What payments method do you accept?

    We accept payment methods: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Visa, Master, Payoneer and Cash.

  • Why your price is so cheap?

    We have 4 factories with advanced equipment, reliable technology, high productivity and low labor cost.
    Sometimes we also have special offers for our customers to experience our high-quality products and fast lead time service.

  • Do you offer via in pad service?

    Yes, we offer Through Hole, Blind Via, Buried Via services. For other special requirements, please contact our professional engineers.

  • Are my PCB design files safe when submitting them to you for manufacturing?

    We respect customer's copyright and will never manufacture PCB for someone else with your files unless we receive written permission from you, nor we'll share these files with any other 3rd parties. At your request, we can sign an NDA for extra security.

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If you have any questions about PCB manufacturing, please feel free to send us a message